12. IFIP Congress 1992: Madrid, Spain

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Informatics and Education


Administrative Aspects

CAL/CML/Educational Software

Pedagogical Aspects

The Changing Role of University Computing Centers

Curriculum Aspects

Applying Research to Support Learners - Part I

Applying Research to Support Learners - Part II

Computer Equity

Tools for Teaching and Authoring

The Vulnerability of the Information Society: Social, Legal, and Security Aspects

Opportunities and Vulnerability in International Developments

(with special view towards Latin America)

Social Vulnerability and Major Risks

Ethics of Computing: Information Technology and Responsibility

Legal Aspects: Fighting Vulnerability With Law?

Computer-Supported Work: The Fairy Tale of Invulerability

General Aspects of IT Security

The Electronic Cottage: Delivering Information and Communication Technologies At Home: For Better Or Worse?

Improving IT Security and Safety

Diminishing Vulnerability in an Artifact Society

Symposium 2: Informatics for Environmental Protection

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