5th ICST 2012: Montreal, QC, Canada

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Research Session 1: Handling Models

Research Session 2: Fault Localization

Research Session 3: Database and GUI Testing

Research Session 4: Constraint Solving

Research Session 5: Search-Based Testing

Research Session 6: Web Applications

Research Session 7: Faults Studies

Research Session 8: Test Evolution

Research Session 9: Domain-Specific Testing

Research Session 10: White-Box Techniques

Research Session 11: State-Based Testing

Research Session 12: Empirical Studies

Research Session 13: Failure Analysis

Industrial Session 1: Case Studies

Industrial Session 2: Analysis and Validation

Industrial Session 3: Test Automation

Ph.D. Symposium

The Eighth Workshop on Advances in Model Based Testing (A-MOST 2012)

Session 1: From Models to Runtime Execution

Session 2: Industrial Challenges

Session 3: Test Case Generation

Workshop on Combinatorial Testing (CT 2012)

Session 1: CT Environments and Tools

Session 2: Experience Reports I

Session 3: CT Test Generation and Fault Localization

Session 4: Experience Reports II

The First International Workshop on Load Testing of Large Software Systems (LT 2012)

Seventh International Workshop on Mutation Analysis (Mutation 2012)

The Second International Workshop on Regression Testing (Regression 2012)

Session 1: Approaches and Applications

Session 2: Visualizations and Viewpoints

Fourth International Workshop on Constraints in Software Testing, Verification and Analysis (CSTVA 2012)


Fast Abstracts

Fifth International Workshop on Search-Based Software Testing (SBST 2012)

The Third International Workshop on Security Testing (SecTest 2012)

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Testing: Academic & Industrial Conference - Practice and Research Techniques (TAIC PART 2012)


Testing Distributed Systems

Code Analysis, Test Case Generation, Regression