International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR)

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  • has part: ICPR Workshop on Computer Vision for Analysis of Underwater Imagery (CVAUI)
  • has part: International Workshop on Face and Facial Expression Recognition from Real World Videos (FFER)
  • has part: International Workshop on Human Behavior Understanding (HBU)
  • has part: International Workshop on coMics ANalysis, Processing and Understanding (MANPU)
  • has part: International Workshop on Mobile Multimedia Processing (WMMP)

25th ICPR 2020: Virtual Event / Milano, Italy

24th ICPR 2018: Beijing, China

23rd ICPR 2016: Cancun, Mexico

ICPR 2016 Home Page

22nd ICPR 2014: Stockholm, Sweden

21st ICPR 2012: Tsukuba, Japan

20th ICPR 2010: Istanbul, Turkey

ICPR 2010 Home Page

19th ICRP 2008: Tampa, Florida, USA

18th ICRP 2006: Hong Kong, China

ICRP 2006 Home Page

17th ICPR 2004: Cambridge, England, UK

16th ICPR 2002: Quebec City, Canada

15th ICPR 2000: Barcelona, Spain

14th ICPR 1998: Brisbane, Australia

13th ICPR 1996: Vienna, Austria

12th ICPR 1994: Jerusalem, Israel

11th ICPR 1992: The Hague, The Netherlands

10th ICPR 1990: Atlantic Citys, USA

9th ICPR 1988: Rome, Italy

8th ICPR 1986: Paris, France

7th ICPR 1984: Montreal, Canada

6th ICPR 1982: Munich, Germany

5th ICPR 1980: Miami, Florida, USA

4th ICPR 1978: Kyoto, Japan

3rd ICPR 1976: San Diego, California, USA

2nd ICPR 1974: Copenhagen, Denmark

1st ICPR 1973: Washington, DC, USa

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