34th ICPP 2005: Oslo, Norway

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Session 1A: Unconventional Scheduling

Session 1B: Resource Allocation

Session 1C: Overlays

Session 2A: Processor Architecture

Session 2B: Compilers and Languages

Session 2C: Applications

Session 3A: On-Chip Parallelism

Session 3B: Messaging

Session 3C: Virtual & Optical Networking

Session 4A: Shared-Memory Computing

Session 4B: P2P Search & Discovery

Session 4C: Ad Hoc Networks

Session 5A: Network Performance and Features

Session 5B: Network-Based & Grid Computing

Session 5C: Wireless & Mobile Computing

Session 6A: Higher-Level Network Operations

Session 6B: Services in P2P Systems

Session 6C: Communications Tools

Session 7A: Network Hardware

Session 7B: Peer-to-Peer Technology

Session 7C: Algorithms & Applications

Session 8A: Interconnection Networks

Session 8B: Cross-Node Clustering

Session 8C: Scheduling

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