ICHIM 1993: Cambridge, England

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I. Applications in Museums

I.i. Multimedia Collection Databases

I.ii. Multimedia in Exhibitions

I.iii. Multimedia in Interpretation

I.iv. The City as a Model for Hypermedia Applications

I.v. Local and Wide Area Networking

I.vi. Low Cost Software Applications

II. Design and development

II.i. Design Principles and Concept

II.ii. Interface Issues

II.iii. Retrieval Strategies

II.iv. Standards

II.v. Legal and Copyright Issues

II.vi. Publishing and Distributing

III. Impact and Implications of Multimedia

III.i. International Co-operation

III.ii. National Developments

III.iii. Inter-Institutional Co-operation

III.iv. Impact on Museum Profession

III.v. Changing Institutional Environments

III.vi. Impact on Schools and Museum Studies

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