ICCD 2007: Lake Tahoe, CA, USA

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Signal Processing Circuits

Advances in Verification

Novel Memory and Communication Subsystems

Variation Aware Design Methodologies

Tutorial: Software-Defined Radio (SDR) Technology

Microarchitecture, Multiprocessors and Systems-on-chip

FPGA Architecture and Design

Application-Optimized Architectures

Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits

Industry Challenges in Wireless Communication

Cache memory architecture (I)

Novel Techniques in Physical Design

Arithmetic Circuits

Reliability and fault tolerance

Novel Test Techniques

Low Power Design

Power and thermal considerations in processor design

Circuit Design and Simulation

Simulation and Scheduling

Cache memory architecture

RF and Analog Test

Synchronization and Interconnect

Design Techniques for Emerging Technologies

System Level and Architectural Synthesis

Process-aware Design: Power, Thermal and Reliability

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