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2020-01-08: Corrections in dblp [Blog]

Our primary goal is to ensure that bibliographies (list of publications) of authors in dblp are correct. This means that all publications of a person should be listed in the same list and that a list should contain only publications from one specific person. It can be difficult to ensure […]

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2019-12-13: Unpaywalled article links [Blog] [Feature Spotlight]

The dblp computer science bibliography provides more than 5 million hyperlinks for research publications. Most of those links point to article landing pages within a publisher’s digital library. A growing number of publishers have adopted the open access model of publishing, thereby allowing the dissemination of research results free of […]

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2019-11-24: License change to CC0 [News]

Starting today, all of dblp’s data will be released under the CC0 1.0 Creative Commons Public Domain License. This affects all metadata releases, in particular the daily and monthly data dumps and data retrieved from the web APIs. This change will make it easier for you to reuse our data. […]

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2019-11-11: Open citation data and dblp [Blog] [Feature Spotlight]

You may not always notice this, but the dblp team is constantly working on the dblp website and its APIs in order to improve the quality of the services and the value for our users. Often these are just small details and fixes, but sometimes we introduce new features. Yet, […]

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2018-11-16: Bibliographic database “dblp” celebrates silver anniversary [Press Release]

For more than 25 years now, the dblp computer science bibliography has been indexing and supporting international computer science research. Since today, the future of the database has also been secured at the Leibniz Center for Computer Science in Schloss Dagstuhl. On this occasion, a festive colloquium will be held […]

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The dblp computer science bibliography provides open bibliographic information on major computer science journals and proceedings. Originally created at the University of Trier in 1993, dblp is now operated and further developed by Schloss Dagstuhl. For more information check out our F.A.Q.

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