UbiComp/ISWC 2021: Virtual Event - Adjunct

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Posters & Demos

Doctoral Colloquium

WellComp 2021: 4th International Workshop on Computing for Well-Being

EarComp 2021: Second International Workshop on Earable Computing

6th International Workshop on Mental Health and Well-being: Sensing and Intervention

Making Sense of Emotion-Sensing: Workshop on Quantifying Human Emotions

Workshop on Reviewable and Auditable Pervasive Systems (WRAPS)

9th International Workshop on Human Activity Sensing Corpus and Applications (HASCA)

[HASCA SHL Challenge]

[HASCA Nurse Challenge]

The Forth Workshop on Eyewear Computing. "Augmenting Social Situations and Democratizing Tools"

SensiBlend: Sensing Blended Experiences in Professional and Social Contexts