14th FPL 2004: Leuven, Belgium

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Plenary Keynotes

Organic and Biology Computing

Security and Cryptography 1

Platform Based Design

Algorithms and Architectures

Acceleration Application 1

Architecture 1

Physical Design 1

Arithmetic 1


Circuit Technology

Memory 1

Network Processing



Arithmetic 2

Signal Processing 1

Computational Models and Compiler

Dynamic Reconfiguration 1

Network and Optimization Algorithms

System-on-Chip 1

High Speed Design

Security and Cryptography 2

Architecture 2

Memory 2

Image Processing 1


Power Aware Design 1

IP-Based Design

Power Aware Design 2

Coprocessing Architectures

Embedded Tutorials

Dynamic Reconfiguration 2

Physical Design 2

Acceleration Application 2

System Level Design

Physical Interconnect

Computational Models

Acceleration Applications 3

Arithmetic 3

Signal Processing 2

System-on-Chip 2

Image Processing 2

Cryptography and Compression

Network Applications and Architectures

Network on Chip and Adaptive Architectures