FGCS 1988: Tokyo, Japan

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Keynote Speech

ICOT Research and Development

Invited Talks

Panel Discussion: Social Impact of Information Technology and International Collaboration

Panel Discussion: Theory and Practice of Concurrent Systems

Progress and Future Plans of Knowledge Information Processing

ICOT Research Topics


Invited Paper

Functional Logic Programming

Theory of Parallel Computation

Formal Semantics

Program Analysis and Transformation (2)

Reasoning and Learning

Situation Semantics

Logic and Theorem Proving

Messages from Parallel Complexity Theory: Does Parallelism Help?


Program Analysis and Transformation (1)

Meta-Computation and Reflection

Computation Models

Functional Programming

Invited Paper

Constraint Logic Programming

Deductive Data Bases

Parallel Programming Languages

Logic Programming Languages


Parallel Prolog Systems

Parallel Architectures (1)

Parallel Architectures (2)

Implementation Techniques for Inference Machines

Invited Paper

Parallel Inference Machines

Scheduling for Parallel Machines

Parallelism in AI

Implementation Model for Parallel Logic Languages


Graphics and Music

Invited Paper

Natural Language (1)

Natural Language (2)

Knowledge Representation

Qualitative Reasoning

New Paradigms of Knowledge Acquisition

Knowledge Acquisition

Knowledge Maintenance