EUC 2010: Hong Kong, China

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Embedded Systems Software and Optimization

Embedded Systems and Hardware/Software Co-Design

Middleware for Ubiquitous and Autonomous Computing

Mobile and Context-aware Computing

Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things

Power-Aware Computing

Sensor Networks

Multimedia and Data Management

Real-Time Systems and Wireless Mesh Networks

Workshops/ Symposiums 2010

UnderWater Acoustic Sensor Network 2010 (UUWSN 2010)

UUWSN - 1: Architecture Design

UUWSN - 2: Tracking and Localization

UUWSN - 3: Communication and Implementation

The International Workshop on Constructing Software for Internet of Things (CSIOT 2010)

CSIOT - 1: Software Design for Internet of Things

The 3rd International Workshop on Sensor Networks and Ambient Intelligence (SeNAmI 2010)

SeNAmI - 1: Communication and Energy Consumption

SeNAmI - 2: Context-aware Design

SeNAmI - 3: Cluster and Ambient Intelligence

The 3rd International Workshop on Wireless Network Algorithm and Theory (WiNA 2010)

WiNA - 1: Secured and Efficient Sensor Networks

WiNA - 2: Interference, Coverage and Power Control

The International Workshop on Challenged Network Architecture (ICNA 2010)

ICNA10-1: Mobility and Routing

International Symposium on Trusted Computing and Communications (TRUSTCOM 2010)

Trust Management and Evaluation

Attack Detection

Authentication and Digital Signature

Cryptography and Security Protocols

Trusted Services and Applications

Trusted Network Computing

Trust in Mobile and Wireless Networks

Security Protection and Reliability