European Software Engineering Conference (ESEC)

17th ESEC/SIGSOFT FSE 2018: Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA

16th ESEC/SIGSOFT FSE 2017: Paderborn, Germany

15th ESEC/SIGSOFT FSE 2015: Bergamo, Italy

14th ESEC / 21st SIGSOFT FSE 2013: Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

13th ESEC / 19th SIGSOFT FSE 2011: Szeged, Hungary

12th ESEC / 17th SIGSOFT FSE 2009: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

11th ESEC / 15th SIGSOFT FSE 2007: Dubrovnik, Croatia

10th ESEC / 13th SIGSOFT FSE 2005: Lisbon, Portugal

9th ESEC / 11th SIGSOFT FSE 2003: Helsinki, Finland


8th ESEC / 9th SIGSOFT FSE 2001: Vienna, Austria

7th ESEC / 7th SIGSOFT FSE 1999: Toulouse, France

6th ESEC / 5th SIGSOFT FSE 1997: Zurich, Switzerland

[= ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 22(6), November 1997]

5th ESEC 1995: Sitges, Spain

4th ESEC 1993: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

3rd ESEC 1991: Milan, Italy

2nd ESEC 1989: Warwick, Coventry, UK

1st ESEC 1987: Strasbourg, France

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