19th ECAI 2010: Lisbon, Portugal

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Session 1A. Propositional Logic

Session 1B. Description Logics & Ontologies

Session 1C. Cooperation

Session 1D. Diagnosis & Discovery

Session 1E. Argumentation & Dialogue

Session 1F. Learning-Based Applications (PAIS)

Session 2A. Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Session 2B. Coalitions & Teams

Session 2C. Planning

Session 2D. Uncertainty - Bayesian Methods

Session 2E. Preference Modelling & Aggregation

Session 2F. Biology and Nature-Related Applications (PAIS)

Session 3A. Clustering & Classification

Session 3B. Planning

Session 3C. Reinforcement Learning

Session 3D. Negotiation & Allocation

Session 3F. Adaptive Systems (PAIS)

Session 4A. Machine Learning - Kernel Methods

Session 4B. Planning

Session 4C. Description Logics & Ontologies

Session 4D. Natural Language Processing & Information Retrieval

Session 4E. Logical Foundations of MAS

Session 4F. Auctions & Trading Systems

Session 5A. Trust & Recommendation

Session 5B. Belief Revision, Update & Merging

Session 5C. Belief-Desire-Intention Architectures

Session 5D. Applications

Session 5E. Processes & Stochastic Models

Session 6A. Logical Foundations of KR

Session 6B. Search & Heuristics

Session 6C. Natural Language Processing

Session 6D. Machine Learning & Data Mining