Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching (CPM)

CPM Archive

30th CPM 2019: Pisa, Italy

29th CPM 2018: Qingdao, China

28th CPM 2017: Warsaw, Poland

27th CPM 2016: Tel Aviv, Israel

26th CPM 2015: Ischia Island, Italy

25th CPM 2014: Moscow, Russia

24th CPM 2013: Bad Herrenalb, Germany

23rd CPM 2012: Helsinki, Finland

22nd CPM 2011: Palermo, Italy

21st CPM 2010: New York, NY, USA

20th CPM 2009: Lille, France

19th CPM 2008: Pisa, Italy

CPM 2008 Home Page

18th CPM 2007: London, Ontario, Canada

17th CPM 2006: Barcelona, Spain

CPM 2006 Home Page

16th CPM 2005: Jeju Island, Korea

15th CPM 2004: Istanbul, Turkey

14th CPM 2003: Morelia, Michocán, Mexico

13th CPM 2002: Fukuoka, Japan

12th CPM 2001: Jerusalem, Israel

11th CPM 2000: Montreal, Canada

10th CPM 1999: Warwick University, UK

9th CPM 1998: Piscataway, New Jersey, USA

8th CPM 1997: Aarhus, Denmark

7th CPM 1996: Laguna Beach, California, USA

6th CPM 1995: Espoo/Helsinki, Finland

5th CPM 1994: Asilomar, California, USA

4th CPM 1993: Padova, Italy

3rd CPM 1992: Tucson, Arizona, USA

2nd CPM 1991: London, UK

informal meeting, no proceedings

1st CPM 1990: Paris, France

Proceedings in the special issue of Theoretical Computer Science 92(1)

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