20th COMPSAC 1996: Seoul, Korea

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Keynote Address

Session 1: Processes Supporting Software Development

Session 2: Parallelism in Petri Net

Session 3: Multimedia Environment and Applications

Session 4: Object-Oriented Technology I

Session 5: Metrics in Software Development

Session 6: Security and Compilation

Session 7: Panel: Multimedia on the Internet: Emerging Technology

Session 8 - Panel: Is OO Working as Promised?

Session 9 - Panel: Software Industry in Asia

Session 10: Potpourri

Session 11: Distributed DB Application Tools

Session 12 - Panel: Would Internet Meet Global Expectation

Keynote Address

Session 13: Formal Approaches in Software Development

Session 14: Formal Networks

Session 15: Multimedia Database

Session 16: Object-Oriented Technology II

Session 17: Sofware Integration

Session 18 - Panel: The Role of Architecture in the Development of Software Systems

Session 19: Object-Oriented Database

Session 20 - Panel: Which Network Will Win?

Session 21: Software Architecture and Component Engineering

Session 22 - Panel: High Assurance Systems Engineering

Session 23: Database Theory

Session 24 - Panel: Emerging Technology for Network Sofware Development

Keynote Address

Session 25 - Panel: Software Process Re-Engineering and Improvement

Session 26: Testing and Debugging

Session 27: Network-Software Engineering

Session 28: Object-Oriented Applications

Session 29: Software Design and Analysis Methods

Session 30 - Panel: Software Education in the Asia-Pacific Region in the 21st Century

Session 31: Client/Server and Video Processing

Closing Session

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