32nd COMPCON 1987: San Francisco, California, USA

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Local Network File Servers: Which One? (Panel)

Distributed Operating Systems

Neural Based Architectures

The Object-Oriented Model

Local Area Networks

ISO-OSI Pros & Cons (Panel)

The AT&T Bell Labs C Machine


LISP Benchmarks

COBOL 85 - The New Productivity Tool

Optical Disks - Present and Future

High Performance Transaction Systems

Management of Change in High Availability Systems

Second Generation Minisupers

Alternative Computing Architectures

The Technical Direction of Unix

Parallel Processing for CAD Applications

Black Magic in Computer Security

Future Computing Environments

New Directions in Optical Computing

WARP: A Systolic Supercomputer

Window Systems (Panel)

Microprocessor Applications in Korea

Digital Signal Processing

VAX 8800 System

Parallel Architectures and Programming

Software Reuse - The State of the Malpractice

What's Up with Ada Compiler Technology (Panel)

Reusable Software Component Libraries (Panel)

Trusted Networks (Panel)

The Xenologic X1

Multimedia Information Environments

Expert System Development Environments - Issues and Future Directions (Panel)

Intelligent Systems for Management Decision Support (Panel)

AI for Manufacturing


Expert Systems: Tools and Applications

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