10. CISIS 2016: Fukuoka, Japan

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CISIS 2016

Session 1: Cloud Computing and Power Management

Session 2: Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing

Session 3: Multimedia and e-Learning Systems

Session 4: Complex and Scalable Systems

Session 5: Wireless Communication Systems and Classification Techniques

Session 6: Bioinformatics and Intelligent Computing

Session 7: Wireles Sensor Networks and VANETs

ADiS 2016

Session 1: Autonomic Distributed Systems

ECDS 2016

Session 1: Distributed Systems and Applications

ePaMus 2016

Session 1: Parallel, Networking and Multi-core Systems


Session 1: Robotics and Support Systems

Session 2: Complex and Scalable Systems


Session 1: Hybrid/Cloud Computing Infrastructure for e-Science Application

ICLS 2016

Session 1: Intelligent and Secure Networking Systems

IINIC 2016

Session 1: Intelligent and Natural Inspired Computing

MC2 2016

Session 1: Motion Capture and Classification

SWISM 2016

Session 1: Semantic, Cloud and Agent-Based Computing

VENOA 2016

Session 1: Innovative Systems and Applications

Session 2: Basic Network Services and Applications

Session 3: Virtual Reality Systems and Applications

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