16th CATA 2001: Seattle, Washington, USA

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Session 1a: Internet and web-based applications

Session 1b: Computer vision and image processing

Session 1c: Programming languages, operating systems and tools

Session 2a: Software engineering

Session 2b: Fault tolerance, algorithms and agent systems

Session 2c: Computer software

Session 3a: Database

Session 3b: Expert systems and robotics

Session 3c: Computer architecture

Session 4a: CAD/CAM

Session 4b: Real-time, distributed, and parallel systems

Session 4c: Image processing and documentation systems

Session 5a: Image processing and image retrieval

Session 5b: Pattern recognition

Session 5c: Data/wireless communications

Session 6a: Neural networks and applications

Session 6b: Embedded systems and computer networks

Session 6c: Knowledge discovery

Session 7a: Cad, multimedia and agents

Session 7b: Computer networks

Session 7c: Information technology in biomedicine

Session 8a: Programming languages and tools

Session 8b: Image and natural language processing

Session 8c: Multimedia, video, and signal processing

Session 9a: E-business, web and software development

Session 9b: Database

Session 9c: Computer architecture and operating systems

Session 10a: Web, client/server, and distributed computing

Session 10b: Computer-aided instruction and education

Session 10c: Computer networks and multiprocessors

Session 11a: Software reliability, reusability and maintenance

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