11th APSEC 2004: Busan, Kora

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Session 1A: Software Design / Architecture

Session 1B: Verification and Validation

Session 1C: Software Process Improvement I

Session 2A: Software Development Methodology

Session 2B: Software Quality Assurance

Session 2C: Software Process Improvement II

Session 3A: Product Line Engineering / Systematic Reuse

Session 3B: Software Maintenance

Session 3C: Computer Supported Cooperative Work / Distributed and Parallel Software Engineering

Session 4A: Object-Oriented Technology

Session 4B: Software Testing 1

Session 4C: Project Management

Session 5A: Program Analysis

Session 5B: Software Testing 2

Session 5C: Web-Based Software Engineering

Session 6A: Requirement Engineering 1

Session 6B: Software Testing 3

Session 6C: Agent-Based Software Engineering

Session 7A: Requirement Engineering 2

Session 7B: Software Testing 4

Session 7C: Component-Based Software Engineering

Workshop 1: International Workshop on Adopting Product Line Software Engineering

Workshop 2: First Asia-Pacific Workshop on Software Architectures and Component Technologies

Workshop 3: Embedded and Ubiquitous Software Engineering Workshop

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