IIH-MSP 2008: Harbin, China

Digital Crime and Forensics

Ubiquitous Multimedia Services and Applications for Residential Users

Information Retrieval (1)

Wired and Wireless Multimedia Networking and Applications

Techniques and Algorithms for Multimedia Security (1)

Event Analysis in Videos


Data Hiding and Steganography (1)

Cryptography (1)

Techniques and Algorithms for Multimedia Security (2)

Pattern Recognition (1)

Image and Speech Processing

Video Signal Processing (1)

Watermarking Applications (1)

Networking Applications (1)

Digital Forensics and Data Hiding Discovery

The Applications of Skin Detection

Advanced Data Hiding and Coding Techniques for Audio Signals

Intelligent Video Processing

Joint Source Channel Coding and Applications

Intelligent Signal and Image Processing (1)

Image Feature Extraction, Compression and Watermarking

Information Retrieval (2)

Video Signal Processing (2)

Video Watermarking

Pattern Recognition (2)

Optimization Techniques and Applications (1)

Cross-Discipline Techniques (1)

Watermarking Applications (2)

Networking Applications (2)

Biometrics - From Sensors to Standardization