ICC 2011: Kyoto, Japan

Power and Energy Control

Energy-Aware MAC Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

Resource Allocation and Opportunistic Access I

Privacy Technologies


Multimedia QoS provisioning

Channel Coding

Design of Reliable Networks

Router Architecture & Switch Design I

Energy Efficiency

Access Systems and Networks

Topics on Access Systems and Networks

Topics on e-Health

Topics on Satellite and Space Communication



Relay Systems I

Cognitive Radio I

Cooperative Communications I

Topics I on Wireless Communications

Cognitive Networking I

Game Theoretic Modeling

MAC Protocols

Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks

Spectrum Sensing Techniques I

Wireless Security

Ad-hoc Network Security

Multimedia QoS provisioning & Multicast

Topics on Communication Software, Services and Multimedia Applications

Coded Modulation

Topics on Communication Theory

QoS and Traffic Control

Topics on Communications QoS, Reliability and Modeling

Router Architecture & Switch Design II

Network Design and Control I

Satellite Networks



Relay Systems II

Energy Efficient Communications I

Resource Allocation I

Cognitive Networking II

802.16 / WiMAX Networks