5. CISIS 2012: Palermo, Italy

CISIS 2012 Main Conference

Session 1: Artificial Intelligence and Agent Technology

Session 2: Support Systems and Services

Session 3: Intelligent and Adaptive Systems

Session 4: Complex Systems, Software Modeling, and Analytics

Session 5: Database and Data Mining Applications

Session 6: Multimedia Systems and Virtual Reality

Session 7: Security and Trusted Computing

Session 8: Semantic Web, Web Services, and Data Integration

Session 9: Intelligent Systems and Algorithms

Session 10: Cloud Computing

Session 11: Energy Aware Information Systems

Session 12: Ad Hoc Networks

Session 13: Sensor and Mesh Networks

Session 14: Algorithms and Techniques

Session 15: Vehicular Networks

Sixth International Workshop on Engineering Complex Distributed Systems (ECDS 2012)

Session 1: Distributed Systems and Applications

Session 2: Software Intensive Systems

Fifth International Workshop on Engineering Parallel and Multi-Core Systems (ePaMus 2012)

Session 1: Engineering Parallel and Multi-Core Systems

Fifth International Workshop on Intelligent Interfaces for Human-Computer Interaction (IIHCI 2012)

Session 1: Human-Robot Interaction and Devices

Session 2: Medical Applications

Session 3: Intelligent Environments

Session 4: Advanced Interaction Techniques I

Session 5: Advanced Interaction Techniques II

Fifth International Workshop on Intelligent Informatics in Biology and Medicine (IIBM 2012)

Session 1: IIBM-1

Session 2: IIBM-2

Session 3: IIBM-3

Fifth International Workshop on Frontiers in Complex, Intelligent, and Software Intensive Systems (FCISIS 2012)

Session 1: Intelligent Systems and Algorithms

Session 2: Wireless Communications and Systems

Fourth International Workshop on Virtual Environments and Network-Oriented Applications (VENOA 2012)

Session 1: Innovative Applications I

Session 2: Virtual Reality and Multimedia I

Session 3: Innovative Applications II

Session 4: Virtual Reality and Multimedia II

Third International Workshop on Autonomic Distributed Systems (ADiS 2012)

Session 1: Adaptive Distributed Systems

Third International Workshop on Semantic Web/Cloud Information and Services Discovery and Management (SWISM 2012)

Session 1: Semantic Cloud

Session 2: Intelligent and Autonomic Agents

Session 3: Information Classification, Indexing, and Retrieval

Second International Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Large-Scale Systems (ICLS 2012)

Session 1: Scheduling, Query, and Identification

Session 2: Simulations and Architectures

Second International Workshop on Adaptive Learning via Interactive, Collaborative, and Emotional Approaches (ALICE 2012)

Session 1: Managing Emotions in Collaborative Learning Systems