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  • [0000-0002-6096-6873]
    Beihang University, State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems, Beijing, China
  • [0000-0001-8316-5289]
    Swansea University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Zienkiewicz Centre for Computational Engineering, UK
  • [0000-0002-7375-3551]
    Northeastern University, State Laboratory of Synthesis Automation of Process Industry, Shenyang, China
  • [0000-0001-5889-3655]
    University of Idaho, Department of Biological Sciences, Moscow, ID, USA
  • [0000-0002-9938-0917]
    Shandong University, School of Control Science and Engineering, China
  • [0000-0003-4593-7019]
    Nanjing University of Science and Technology, School of Computer Science and Engineering, China

  • University of Western Brittany, Brest, France
  • [0000-0003-1822-8989]
    Xi'an Jiaotong University, School of Electrical Engineering, China
  • [0000-0002-7562-9220]
    Air Force Engineering University, Aeronautics Engineering College, Xi'an, China
  • [0000-0002-3935-0708]
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University, John Hopcroft Center for Computer Science, Shanghai, China

  • University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering, UK
  • [0000-0001-7912-6797]
    Philips Lighting, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • [0000-0001-8871-3272]
    University of Science and Technology Beijing, School of Computer and Communication Engineering, China
  • [0000-0003-0760-5267]
    Hongkong Polytechnic University

  • Amazon Inc.

  • University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Communications, Chengdu, China

  • Huawei Technologies Co.Ltd., Beijing, China
  • [0000-0003-2869-9346]
    University of Tennessee, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Knoxville, TN, USA
  • [0000-0002-2090-5873]
    Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing Key Laboratory of Computational Intelligence, China

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