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  • Northern State University, Department of Mathematics, Aberdeen, SD, USA

  • Iowa State University

  • ZTE R&D Center Xi'an

  • Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
  • [0000-0002-1434-9399]
    Shanghai Maritime University, College of Information Engineering, China
  • [0000-0002-0442-5730]
    CSIRO Land and Water, Canberra, ACT, Australia

  • The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA

  • Tianjin University, School of Computer Science and Technology, Tianjin, China

  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Medical School, Biomedicine Engineering Department, China

  • School of Educational Technology, Beijing Normal University

  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Department of Microelectronics and Information Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Shenyang Telev. University, China

  • Molecular Biology-SDS/Arrays, Applied Biosystems, Foster City, CA, USA

  • Tsinghua University, School of Software, Beijing, China

  • Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Shanghai, China

  • aka: Lu Lesley Zhang
    The University of Western Australia
  • [0000-0003-2284-8005]
    Chinese Academy of Sciences, Center for Earth Observation & Digital Earth, Beijing, China
  • [0000-0003-4620-9312]

  • North China University of Technology

  • Nankai University, TianJin
  • [0000-0002-8972-8799]
    University of Arkansas, Computer Science and Computer Engineering Department, Fayetteville, AR, USA

  • Intelligent Systems and Renewable Energy Research Center, Beijing Jiaotong University
  • [0000-0001-8304-7055]
    Peking University, Key Laboratory of High Confidence Software Technologies, Beijing, China

  • Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

  • University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei
  • [0000-0001-7141-6730]
    CPR Santé, Luxembourg

  • Purdue University
  • [0000-0003-4764-368X]
    Xidian University, Key Laboratory of Intelligent Perception and Image Understanding, Xi'an, China
  • [0000-0002-4933-6889]
    Sichuan University, College of Mathematics, Chengdu, China
  • [0000-0002-0385-2327]
    Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of E-Business, China
  • [0000-0002-1601-9596]
    Beijing University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology, Beijing Key Laboratory of Computational Intelligence and Intelligent System, China
  • [0000-0002-0521-6148]
    People's Public Security University of China, Institute of Information Technology and Network Security, Beijing, China
  • [0000-0001-5696-2418]
    Tsinghua University, Department of Electrical Engineering, Beijing, China
  • [0000-0002-5384-7630]
    Wuhan University, State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing, China

  • Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, USA

  • Delft University of Technology, Department of Intelligent Systems, The Netherlands
  • [0000-0002-8859-5453]
    National Institute of Applied Sciences, Rennes, France
  • [0000-0003-4357-2423]
    Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Information Engineering, Beijing, China
  • [0000-0002-1275-9247]
    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • [0000-0001-9924-0394]
    Northeastern University, School of Information Science and Engineering, Shenyang, China

  • Beijing Union University, Collaborative Innovation Center of eTourism, Beijing, China
  • [0000-0002-1099-4462]
    Harbin Institute of Technology, State Key Laboratory of Robotics and System, China

  • University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, China
  • [0000-0002-2597-6136]
    National University of Defense Technology, College of Intelligence Science and Technology, Changsha, China
  • [0000-0001-9002-621X]
    Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Urumqi, China
  • [0000-0002-8039-1800]
    University of Amsterdam, Systems and Networking (SNE) Lab, The Netherlands
  • [0000-0001-8949-9773]
    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Hong Kong
  • [0000-0002-7145-7724]
    Beihang University, School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering, China
  • [0000-0001-5115-4518]
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China
  • [0000-0001-9072-5854]
    University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Arlington, TX, USA
  • [0000-0001-9567-155X]
    Zhejiang University, College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering, Hangzhou, China
  • [0000-0001-6950-3894]
    Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Urban Environment, Key Laboratory of Urban Environment and Health, Xiamen, China

  • Dalian University of Technology, School of Information and Communication Engineering, Dalian, China

  • Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Automation, State Key Laboratory of Management and Control for Complex Systems, Beijing, China
  • [0000-0002-3469-2899]
    Harbin Institute of Technology at Shenzhen, School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Internet of Things Terminal Technology, Shenzhen, China
  • [0000-0001-5092-4090]
    Southeast University, School of Automation, Key Laboratory of Measurement and Control of Complex Systems of Engineering, Nanjing, China

  • Xidian University, State Key Laboratory of Integrated Services Networks, Xi'an, China
  • [0000-0001-9810-7188]
    Harbin Institute of Technology, School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Harbin, China

  • P&G Singapore

  • Fudan University, Shanghai Key Lab of Intelligent Information Processing, School of Computer Science, China
  • [0000-0002-2794-7371]
    Hong Kong Baptist University, Department of Computer Science, LKS, Institute for Research and Continuing Education, Shenzhen, China
  • [0000-0002-2225-9772]
    University of Queensland, School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Queensland Brain Institute, Australia

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