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  • [0000-0001-7170-111X]
    Renmin University of China, School of Information, Beijing Key Laboratory of Big Data Management and Analysis Methods, China

  • Google Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA

  • Marvell Semiconductor
  • [0000-0001-5315-8811]
    Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, China

  • Southern Cross University, Gold Coast, NSW, Australia

  • University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX, USA

  • Tsinghua University, Department of Automation, Beijing, China

  • New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ, USA

  • Tsinghua University, Department of Computing Science & Technology, Beijing, China

  • Fudan University, The State Key Lab of ASIC & System, China

  • Fudan University, Department of Computer Science, China

  • Nanjing University, Institute of VLSI Design, China
  • [0000-0001-9686-5380]
    Western Digital Corp, Singapore
  • [0000-0003-3252-301X]
    Jinan University, Institute of Industrial Economics, Guangzhou, China
  • [0000-0002-1075-0337]
    Sun Yat-Sen University, Research Center for Drug Discovery, Guangzhou, China
  • [0000-0001-7255-9952]
    Xi'an Jiaotong University, School of Mechanical Engineering, China
  • [0000-0002-1602-538X]
    Nankai University, College of Computer Science, TKLNDST, Tianjin, China
  • [0000-0001-6782-4280]
    Institute of Geographical Science and Natural Resources Research, Beijing, China
  • [0000-0002-9247-4531]
    Wuhan University, Electronic Information School, China
  • [0000-0002-1179-7487]
    Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Information Engineering, State Key State Laboratory of Information Security, Beijing, China
  • [0000-0002-7513-0737]
    Shenzhen University, College of Computer Science and Software Engineering, China

  • Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, USA
  • [0000-0001-6775-9941]
    University of Central Florida, Department of Computer Science, Orlando, FL, USA

  • Shanghai University of Electric Power, College of Automation Engineering

  • Harbin Institute of Technology, Research Center for Social Computing and Information Retrieval, China
  • [0000-0002-7722-2694]
    Yunnan University, School of Information Science and Engineering, Kunming, China

  • aka: Jun Xu 0002
    Hughes Network Systems, Germantown, MD, USA
  • [0000-0002-0046-8119]
    aka: Jun Xu 0014
    Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA

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  • aka: Xue-Jun Li, Xue-jun Li

  • aka: Junming Xu 0001
    University of Science and Technology of China, School of Mathematical Sciences, Hefei, China

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