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  • Boise State University, ID, USA
  • [0000-0001-9857-6283]
    Hunan University, Changsha, China
  • [0000-0002-4072-0710]
    University of California, Davis, USA
  • [0000-0003-1549-0295]
    Pacific Forestry Centre, Victoria, BC, Canada

  • Wuhan University, China

  • State University of New York, Binghamton, NY, USA
  • [0000-0002-2680-6921]
    University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN, USA

  • University of Sydney

  • DePaul University, Chicago, USA
  • [0000-0003-0814-9144]
    Samsung Research America, Inc., Richardson, TX, USA
  • [0000-0002-8400-3780]
    Imsight Medical Technology, Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

  • Tongji University, Department of Mathematics, Shanghai, China
  • [0000-0002-0973-1374]
    Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, China
  • [0000-0002-1837-3986]
    Harbin Institute of Technology, Department of Information Engineering, China
  • [0000-0001-9976-6732]
    Chongqing Normal University, School of Mathematics, China
  • [0000-0003-1087-2868]
    University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • [0000-0003-4117-8035]
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
  • [0000-0002-9036-4937]
    Shanghai University of Engineering Science, China
  • [0000-0001-7959-9084]
    Xi'an University of Technology, School of Mechanical & Instrumental Engineering, China
  • [0000-0003-1459-1676]
    Shanghai Maritime University, China
  • [0000-0002-4983-6488]
    University of Waterloo, ON, Canada
  • [0000-0001-7084-379X]
    Nanjing University, School of Electronic Science and Engineering, China
  • [0000-0002-1180-9433]
    University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China

  • Boston University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, MA, USA
  • [0000-0003-0559-121X]
    China University of Mining and Technology, School of Electrical and Power Engineering, Xuzhou, China

  • Southeast University, National ASIC System Engineering Research Center, Nanjing, China

  • Zhejiang University, College of Control Science and Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology, Hangzhou, China
  • [0000-0002-6825-4993]
    University of Melbourne, Department of Infrastructure Engineering, Parkville, VIC, Canada
  • [0000-0002-4558-8982]
    Hangzhou Dianzi University, School of Sciences, China
  • [0000-0003-4457-6231]
    Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA, USA

  • Chinese Academy of Sciences, Quanzhou Institute of Equipment Manufacturing, Jinjiang, China

  • University of York, UK
  • [0000-0002-1639-7845]
    Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Key Laboratory of Digital Earth Science, Beijing, China
  • [0000-0002-3138-505X]
    City University of Hong Kong, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hong Kong
  • [0000-0002-9306-8009]
    University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, College of Materials Science and Opto-Electronic Technology, Beijing, China
  • [0000-0002-1179-8199]
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Cooperative Medianet Innovation Center, China
  • [0000-0001-5887-039X]
    University of Twente, Department of Biomechanical Engineering, The Netherlands
  • [0000-0002-5837-7332]
    Zhejiang University of Technology, College of Information Engineering, Hangzhou, China
  • [0000-0003-1777-3459]
    Beijing Institute of Technology, School of Automation, China

  • Hunan Normal University, Key Laboratory of Low-dimensional Quantum Structures and Quantum Control of Ministry of Education, Changsha, China
  • [0000-0003-4417-614X]
    University of Adelaide, School of Computer Science, SA, Australia
  • [0000-0001-5739-2330]
    Central South University of Forestry and Technology, Changsha, China
  • [0000-0001-9537-6403]
    Nanjing University of Science and Technology, School of Electronic and Optical Engineering, China
  • [0000-0002-7567-0063]
    National University of Defense Technology, College of Intelligence Science and Technology, Changsha, China
  • [0000-0002-6418-3761]
    Beihang University, School of Astronautics, Beijing, China
  • [0000-0002-7880-3394]
    National University of Defense Technology, College of Electronic Science, Changsha, China
  • [0000-0001-9632-0014]
    University of Elctronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China
  • [0000-0001-7579-822X]
    KTH Royal Institute of Technology, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Stockholm, Sweden
  • [0000-0001-6418-3043]
    Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications, School of Computer Science and Technology, China
  • [0000-0002-6520-8668]
    Ningbo University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, China
  • [0000-0001-5902-1824]
    Hunan University, College of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, Changsha, China
  • [0000-0002-5035-0063]
    Northeastern University, College of Medicine and Biological Information Engineering, Microscopic Image and Medical Image Analysis Group, Shenyang, China

  • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • [0000-0001-9069-3290]
    Tsinghua University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing, China
  • [0000-0002-0615-9261]
    Qingdao University, School of Business, China

  • Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA

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