How are ORCIDs integrated in dblp?

ORCID is an open identifier for researchers. See for details and how to obtain an ORCID.

Recently, we enriched some of the dblp author signatures with links to ORCID. A signature is a pair (publication, author). At the moment (August 2017), there are about 700,000 signatures with an ORCID link. On the author profile pages, we display ORCID information in the following ways:

The profile has one or more confirmed ORCIDs. These ORCIDs are hand-checked.

The profile has signatures for which an ORCID is linked. However, this ORCID is not confirmed yet.

The profile has signatures that link to different ORCIDs and these ORCIDs are not confirmed (the profile might represent multiple persons) or the profile is a disambiguation page which should not have any ORCID. We are working to resolve these issues.

We consider ORCIDs a great help in uncovering errors in our data set. However, at the moment, ORCIDs are not added continuously but in batches. We hope to improve the integration in the future.

Linked ORCIDs are exported through the data dump (see How to parse dblp.xml) and the XML API (see How to use the dblp search API). Example for a signature with ORCID:

<author orcid="0000-0001-7580-4351">Michael Ley</author>
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