What cookies does the dblp web site store in my browser?

The dblp web service uses HTTP cookies. We guarantee that we use these cookies solely for the purpose of storing stateful information that helps to enhance the experience of our web service, such as storing a preferred data view. It is assured that dblp does not use these cookies in any way to track a visitor's usage of our website or to derive personal profiles of our users.

Please be aware that by continuing to use our website with cookies enabled in your web browser, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. If you do not wish to allow dblp to store cookies cookies during your visit, please just disable the use of cookies in your web browser's settings.

In detail, the dblp website will store the following types of cookies:

dblp-viewy,tdefines whether author bibliographies will be displayed ordered by year (y) or by type (t)

defines the default search action to use with the dblp search: combined search (c), author search (a), venue search (v), publication search (p), or Semantic Scholar search (s)

dblp-bibtex0,1,2defines whether publication records will be exported to BibTeX entries either in condensed format (0) by giving mandatory data fields only, in standard format (1) by giving all available data fields in one single entry, or in crossref format (2) by giving all available data fields as above, but splitting data records into a contained inproceedings/incollection entry and a containing book/collection entry (if applicable)
dblp-banner-*true, falsedefines whether a certain pop-up message will be displayed near near the top of every dblp web page (false), or whether this message has already been dismissed by the visitor (true)
dblp-hideable-*true, falsedefines whether the different expandable and collapsible parts of a dblp web page's layout will be displayed expanded or collapsed by default
dblp-dismiss-*true, falsedefines whether a certain info message will be displayed on some dblp web pages (false), or whether this message has already been dismissed by the visitor (true)
dblp-unpaywall-loadtrue, falsedefines whether to query the unpaywall.org API in order to add open access links (if available) to a record's external links drop-down menu
dblp-archive-loadtrue, falsedefines whether to query the web.archive.org API in order to direct outgoing archived web links to the most recent copy on the WayBack Machine of the Internet Archive.
dblp-references-loadtrue, falsedefines whether to query APIs of crossref.org and opencitations.net in order to add reference lists to record detail pages.
dblp-citations-loadtrue, falsedefines whether to query the opencitations.net API in order to add citation lists to record detail pages.
dblp-tweets-loadtrue, falsedefines whether the dblp home page should load and display recent dblp tweets from twitter.com and twimg.com.

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