Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Volume 21

Volume 21, Number 1, February 2010

Special Issue on Planning, Scheduling and Constraint Satisfaction; Guest Editor: Miguel A. Salido

Volume 21, Number 2, April 2010

Special Issue on Intelligent and Cooperative Maintenance in Manufacturing Systems (ICMMS); Guest Editors: Nidhal Rezg and Kondo H. Adjallah

Volume 21, Number 3, June 2010

Special Issue on Trust, Value Systems and Governance in Collaborative Networks; Guest Editors: Luis M. Camarinha-Matos and Arturo Molina

Volume 21, Number 4, August 2010

Volume 21, Number 5, October 2010

Special Issue on Intelligent Manufacturing System and Security and Assurance; Guest Editors: Jong Hyuk Park, Deqing Zou, Tai-hoon Kim, Javier Lopez and Hangbae Chang

Volume 21, Number 6, December 2010

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