Information Systems Management, Volume 14

Volume 14, Number 1, 1997

Leveraging Legacy Assets Leveraging Lilgacy Assets Leveraging Legacy Assets Original Articles Sytems Development Quality Management Outsourcing Data Base Management Project Management In Practice: a Consultant's Viewpoint Bookisms

Volume 14, Number 2, 1997

Outsourcing Strategies Original Articles Strategic Planning Original Articles Managing is Your Career Client/Server Computing Data Base Management In Practice: a Consultant's Viewpoint Bookims

Volume 14, Number 3, 1997

Strategic Use of IT Original Articles Strategic Planning Managing Multivendor Environments Information Economics Is Organization Communications Management Bookisms Interview

Volume 14, Number 4, 1997

Telecommuting Original Articles Strategic Planning Systems Development Managing is Personnel In Practice: a Consultant's Viewpoint Managing Your is Career A Different Voice Bookisms
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