International Conference on Abstract State Machines, Alloy, B, TLA, VDM, and Z (ABZ)

International Conference of B and Z Users (ZB) – International Z User Meeting (ZUM) – Z User Workshop

Z User Group

since 2008: ZUM merged with the International Workshop on Abstract State Machines (ASM) to form ABZ

7th ABZ 2020: Ulm, Germany

6th ABZ 2018: Southampton, UK

5th ABZ 2016: Linz, Austria

4th ABZ 2014: Toulouse, France

3rd ABZ 2012: Pisa, Italy

2nd ABZ 2010: Orford, QC, Canada

1st ABZ 2008: London, UK

17th ZUM 2007: Auckland, New Zealand

16th ZUM 2006: Columbia, MD, USA

4th ZB 2005: University of Surrey, Guildford, UK

3rd ZB 2003: Turku, Finland

2nd ZB 2002: Grenoble, France

1st ZB 2000: York, UK

11th ZUM 1998: Berlin, Germany

10th ZUM 1997: Reading, UK

9th ZUM 1995: Limerick, Ireland

8th Z User Workshop 1994: Cambridge, UK

7th Z User Workshop 1992: London, UK

6th Z User Workshop 1991: York, UK

5th Z User Workshop 1990: Oxford, UK

4th Z User Workshop 1989: Oxford, UK

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