8th WOWMOM 2007: Helsinki, Finland

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Routing and Mobility

Networking Services for Pervasive Systems

Network Control and Engineering

Multicast, Broadcast, Multimedia

Performance Assessment and Characterization

Localization and Performance Improvements

Multirate Wireless Networks

Security and Key Management

Power and Resource Management

Medium Access Control

Ad Hoc and Mesh Routing

Application Support

Data Delivery Enhancements

Mobile Applications and Technologies

Next-Generation Services

Algorithms and Testbeds


Demo Session

Workshop on Adaptive and DependAble Mission- and bUsiness-critical mobile Systems (ADAMUS 2007)

Applications and Engineering Techniques

Architectural Solutions

Workshop on Autonomic and Opportunistic Communications (AOC 2007)


Routing in Opportunistic Networks

Opportunistic and Social Networks


The second Workshop on advanced EXPerimental activities ON WIRELESS networks (EXPONWIRELESS 2007)

Quality and Performance Measurements

Positioning and Mobility Support

Applications and Security

1st IEEE WoWMoM Workshop on Autonomic Wireless AccesS 2007 (IWAS07)

Autonomic Frameworks

Self Configuration

Self Optimization

The first Annual IEEE International Workshop "From Theory To Practice in Wireless Sensor Networks" (t2pWSN'2007)



Time Synchromization