Workshop From Objects to Agents

Congress of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA)

19th WOA 2018: Palermo, Italy

18th WOA 2017: Scilla, Reggio Calabria, Italy

17th WOA 2016: Catania, Italy

16th WOA 2015: Naples, Italy

15th WOA 2014: Catania, Italy

14th WOA 2013: Torino, Italy

13th WOA 2012: Milano, Italy

12th WOA 2011: Rende (CS), Italy

11th WOA 2010: Rimini, Italy

8th WOA 2007: Genova, Italy

7th WOA 2006: Catania, Italy

6th WOA 2005: Camerino, MC, Italy

5th WOA 2004: Torino, Italy

4th WOA 2003: Villasimius, CA, Italy

3rd WOA 2002: Milano, Italy

2nd WOA 2001: Modena, Italy

1st WOA 2000: Parma, Italy

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