26th WETICE 2017: Poznan, Poland

Adaptive Computing (and Agents) for Enhanced Collaboration: ACEC 2017

Adaptive and Reconfigurable Systems and Architectures: AROSA 2017

Adaptive Computing (and Agents) for Enhanced Collaboration: CBCTIA 2017

Convergence of Distributed Clouds, Grids and their Management: CDCGM 2017

Complex Networks Monitoring, Security and Fraud Detection for Enterprises: CoNeSec 2017

Data Exploration in the Web 3.0 Age: DEW 2017

Future Internet Services and Applications: FISA 2017

Formal Verification of Service Based Systems: FVSBS 2017

Security, Safety and Trust Management: SSTM 2017

Validation of Safety critical Collaboration Systems: VSC 2017

Semantic Technologies in Smart Information Sharing and Web Collaboration: Web2Touch 2017

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