CEC/EEE 2006: Palo Alto, California, USA

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Full Paper Sessions

Session 1: Performance Management

Session 2: Collaborations

Session 3: Workflows

Session 4: Personification

Session 5: Auctions

Session 6: E-payment

Session 7: Security

Session 8: Products and Markets

Session 9: Business Intelligence

Session 10: Architecture

Session 11: Contracts

Session 12: Recommender Systems

Short Paper Sessions

Session 13: Auctions

Session 14: Composition and Contracts

Session 15: Discovery and Negotions

Session 16: Resource Management

Session 17: Security and Transactions

Session 18: Data View and Integration

Panel Sessions

Industrial Session

Web Services Challenge

The Third IEE International Workshop on Mobile Commerce and Wireless Services (WMCS 2006)

The Second International Workshop on Business Service Networks (BSN'06) and The 2nd International Workshop on Service Oriented Solutions for Cooperative Organizations (SoC4CO'06)

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