International Symposium on Distributed Computing (DISC)

Workshop on Distributed Algorithms (WDAG)

34th DISC 2020

33rd DISC 2019: Budapest, Hungary

32nd DISC 2018: New Orleans, LA, USA

31st DISC 2017: Vienna, Austria

30th DISC 2016: Paris, France

29th DISC 2015: Tokyo, Japan

28th DISC 2014: Austin, TX, USA

27th DISC 2013: Jerusalem, Israel

26th DISC 2012: Salvador, Brazil

25th DISC 2011: Rome, Italy

24th DISC 2010: Cambridge, MA, USA

23rd DISC 2009: Elche, Spain

22nd DISC 2008: Arcachon, France

21st DISC 2007: Lemesos, Cyprus

20th DISC 2006: Stockholm, Sweden

19th DISC 2005: Cracow, Poland

18th DISC 2004: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

17th DISC 2003: Sorrento, Italy

16th DISC 2002: Toulouse, France

15th DISC 2001: Lisbon, Portugal

14th DISC 2000: Toledo, Spain

13th DISC 1999: Bratislava, Slavak Republic

12th DISC 1998: Andros, Greece

11th WDAG 1997: Saarbrücken, Germany

10th WDAG 1996: Bologna, Italy

9th WDAG 1995: Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France

8th WDAG 1994: Terschelling, The Netherlands

7th WDAG 1993: Lausanne, Switzerland

6th WDAG 1992: Haifa, Israel

5th WDAG 1991: Delphi, Greece

4th WDAG 1990: Bari, Italy

3rd WDAG 1989: Nice, France

2nd WDAG 1987: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1st WDAG 1985: Ottawa, Canada

Eli Gafni, Nicola Santoro (Eds.): Distributed Algorithms on Graphs, Papers presented at the First International Workshop on Distributed Algorithms, Ottawa, Canada, 1985. Carleton University Press, 1986, 189pp., ISBN 0-88629-054-6

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