IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications

17th TrustCom / 12th BigDataSE 2018: New York, NY, USA

16th TrustCom / 11th BigDataSE / 14th ICESS 2017: Sydney, Australia

15th TrustCom / 10th BigDataSE / 14th ISPA 2016: Tianjin, China

14th TrustCom / 9th BigDataSE / 13th ISPA 2015: Helsinki, Finland

13th TrustCom 2014: Beijing, China

12th TrustCom / 11th ISPA / 12th IUCC 2013: Melbourne, Australia

11th TrustCom 2012: Liverpool, United Kingdom

10th TrustCom 2011: Changsha, China

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