International Conference on Software Technology: Methods and Tools (TOOLS)

International Conference on Objects, Components, Models and Patterns – International Conference and Exhibition on Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems – International Conference on Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems

51st TOOLS 2019: Tatarstan, Russia

50th TOOLS Europe 2012: Prague, Czech Republic

49th TOOLS Europe 2011: Zurich, Switzerland

48th TOOLS Europe 2010: Málaga, Spain

47th TOOLS Europe 2009: Zurich, Switzerland

46th TOOLS Europe 2008: Zurich, Switzerland

45th TOOLS Europe 2007: Zurich, Switzerland

Proccedings published in: J. Object Technol. 6(9)

39th TOOLS USA 2001: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

38th TOOLS Europe 2001: Zurich, Switzerland

37th TOOLS Pacific 2000: Sydney, Australia

36th TOOLS Asia 2000: Xi'an, China

34th TOOLS USA 2000: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

33rd TOOLS Europe 2000: St. Malo, France

32nd TOOLS Pacific 1999: Melbourne, Australia

31st TOOLS Asia 1999: Nanjing, China

30th TOOLS USA 1999: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

29th TOOLS Europe 1999: Nancy, France

28th TOOLS Pacific 1998: Melbourne, Australia

27th TOOLS ASIA 1998: Beijing, China

26th TOOLS USA 1998: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

25th TOOLS Pacific 1997: Melbourne, Australia

24th TOOLS Asia 1997: Beijing, China

23rd TOOLS USA 1997: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

19th TOOLS Europe 1996: Paris, France

17th TOOLS USA 1995: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Prentice Hall, 440 pages, ISBN 0-13-461484-4

16th TOOLS Europe 1995: Versailles, France

15th TOOLS Pacific 1994: Melbourne, Australia

14th TOOLS USA 1994: USA

Prentice Hall, 557 pages, ISBN 0-13-199415-8

13th TOOLS Europe 1994: Versailles, France

12th TOOLS Pacific 1993: Melbourne, Australia

11th TOOLS USA 1993: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

10th TOOLS Europe 1993: Versailles, France

9th TOOLS Pacific 1992: Sydney, Australia

8th TOOLS USA 1992: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

7th TOOLS Europe 1992: Dortmund, Germany

6th TOOLS Pacific 1992: Sydney, Australia

5th TOOLS USA 1991: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

4th TOOLS Europe 1991: Paris, France

3rd TOOLS Pacific 1990: Sydney, Australia

2nd TOOLS Europe 1990: Paris, France

1st TOOLS Europe 1988: Paris, France

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