SUTC 2006: Taichung, Taiwan

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Volume 1


Session 1A: Wireless Communications

Session 1B: Embedded Systems Design

Session 1C: Reconfiguration and Optimization

Session 2A: Trust Management

Session 2B: Design Issues in Mobile Hand-held Devices

Session 2C: Power and Energy Awareness

Session 3A: Context-Aware and Location-Aware Computing

Session 3B: Special Session On C*ISR Challenges in Sensor WEBS

Keynote Speaker

Session 4A: Location Techniques

Session 4B: Access Control

Session 4C: Tools and Application Systems

Session 5: Short Presentations

Session 6A: Short Presentations

Session 6B: Short Presentations

Session 7A: Industry Papers

Session 7B: Optimization Strategies

Session 7C: Security and Assurance

Session 8A: Dependability Issues for Sensor and Mobile Networks

Session 8B: Motion and Tracking

Session 8C: Reliability

Keynote Speaker

Session 9A: Design and Efficiency

Session 9B: Risk Assessment/Security

Session 9C: Data Processing Techniques in Mobile/Sensor Envirnoments

Poster Session

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