International Conference on Statistical and Scientific Database Management (SSDBM)

International Workshop on Statistical Database Management

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      33rd SSDBM 2021: Tampa, FL, USA

      32nd SSDBM 2020: Vienna, Austria

      31st SSDBM 2019: Santa Cruz, CA, USA

      30th SSDBM 2018: Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

      29th SSDBM 2017: Chicago, IL, USA

      28th SSDBM 2016: Budapest, Hungary

      27th SSDBM 2015: La Jolla, CA, USA

      26th SSDBM 2014: Aalborg, Denmark

      25th SSDBM 2013: Baltimore, MD, USA

      24th SSDBM 2012: Chania, Crete, Greece

      23rd SSDBM 2011: Portland, OR, USA

      SSDBM 2011 Home Page

      22nd SSDBM 2010: Heidelberg, Germany

      21st SSDBM 2009: New Orleans, LA, USA

      20th SSDBM 2008: Hong Kong, China

      SSDBM 2008 Home Page

      19th SSDBM 2007: Banff, Canada

      SSDBM 2007 Home Page

      18th SSDBM 2006: Vienna, Austria

      17th SSDBM 2005: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

      SSDBM 2005 Home Page & Online Proceedings

      16th SSDBM 2004: Santorini Island, Greece

      SSDBM 2004 Home Page

      15th SSDBM 2003: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

      14th SSDBM 2002: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

      13th SSDBM 2001: Fairfax, Virginia, USA

      12th SSDBM 2000: Berlin, Germany

      11th SSDBM 1999: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

      10th SSDBM 1998: Capri, Italy

      9th SSDBM 1997: Olympia, Washington, USA

      SSDBM'97 Home Page

      8th SSDBM 1996: Stockholm, Sweden

      7th SSDBM 1994: Charlottesville, Virginia

      6th SSDBM 1992: Monte Verita, Switzerland

      5th SSDBM 1990: Charlotte, NC, USA

      4th SSDBM 1988: Rome, Italy

      3rd SSDBM 1986: Luxembourg, Luxembourg

      Hosted by CEPS/INSTEAD, Luxembourg; sponsored by Commission of the European Communities, Statistical Office (EUROSTAT), Directorate General for Telecommunications, Information Industry and Innovation (DG XIII).

      2nd SSDBM 1983: Los Altos, California

      1st SSDBM 1981: Menlo Park, California, USA

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