18th SNPD 2017: Kanazawa, Japan


Artificial Intelligence

Audio and Video Technology

Communication Systems and Networks

Component-Based Software Engineering

Cryptography and Network Security

Data Mining and Machine Learning

Database System Management

E-Commerce and its applications

Image, Speech, and Signal Processing

Internet Technology and Applications

Mobile/Wireless/Ad-Hoc Networks

Natural Language Processing

Neural Networks & Genetic Algorithms

Optimizing compilers & program translation

Parallel and Distributed Computing

Software Specification & Architecture

Software Testing

Web-Based Applications

Special Session 1: System Organization and Optimization for Big Data Analysis

Special Sesssion 2: Experiences of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

Special Session 3: Marketing & Management Science with Computational Intelligence

Special Session 4: Advanced Information Management for Affective and Human-centered Information Systems

Special Session 5: Analysis, Evaluation, and Usage of Web Information, System Behaviors, and Human Actions

Special Session 6: Evolutionary Computation and Its Application

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