SIGITE Conference 2020: Virtual Event, USA

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Session 1A: Aritficial Intelligence & Ethics

Session 1B: Data Science/Analytics

Session 1C: Works in Progress

Session 2A: Broadening Participation in Computing 1

Session 2B: Broadening Participation in Computing 2

Session 2C: Experiential Learning

Session 3: Keynote Talk 1

Session 4A: General IT Education

Session 4B: IT Curriculum Design 1

Session 4C: Panel 1

Session 5A: IT Curriculum Design 2

Session 5B: Classroom Assessment 1

Session 5C: Project-Based Learning

Session 6A: Big Ideas in IT Education

Session 6B: Models for Online IT Education

Session 6C: K-12 Teaching

Session 7: Keynote Talk 2

Session 8A: Classroom Assessment 2

Session 8B: Covid-19 and IT Education 1

Session 8C: Panel 2

Session 9i: Poster Mini-Session 1

Session 9ii: Poster Mini-Session 2

Session 9iii: Poster Mini-Session 3

Session 10A: Covid-19 and IT Education 2

Session 10B: Cybersecurity Education 1

Session 10C: Workshop 1

Session 11i: Poster Mini-Session 4

Session 11ii: Teacher Experience Mini-Session

Session 12: Keynote Talk 3

Session 13B: Workshop 1

Session 13C: Panel 3

Session 14A: Project Management & Technology Adoption

Session 14B: Software Engineering Education

Session 14C: Cybersecurity Education 2

Session 15A: Cybersecurity Education 3

Session 15B: Workshop 3

Session 15C: Workshop 2

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