IberLEF@SEPLN 2022: A Coruña, Spain

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Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis in Portuguese (ABSAPT)

Spanish Author Profiling for Political Ideology (PoliticEs)

Recommendation System, Sentiment Analysis and Covid Semaphore Prediction for Mexican Tourist Texts (Rest-Mex 2022)

Detection of Aggressive and Violent INCIdents from Social Media in Spanish (DA-VINCIS@IberLEF2022)

DETEction and classification of racial STereotypes in Spanish (DETESTS 2022)

sEXism Identification in Social neTworks (EXIST 2022)

Named-Entity Recognition and entity linking for living being mentions (LivingNER)

Paraphrase Identification in Mexican Spanish (PAR-MEX)

Question Answering Learning from Examples in Spanish (QuALES)

Reading Comprehension and Reasoning Explanation for Spanish (ReCoRES)

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