SAINT 2009: Bellevue, Washington, USA

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Mining from Network

Network I

Network II

Short Paper I

Short Paper II

FIST 2009: The First Workshop on Trust and Security in the Future Internet

Challenges on Future Internet Infrastructure

Security Measurements and Analysis

Emerging Concepts and Technologies

UNECAS 2009: The Sixth Workshop for Ubiquitous Networking and Enablers to Context-Aware Services

Key Technologies for Context-aware Ubiquitous Network Services

Ubiquitous Network Services based on New Concepts

ITeS 2009: The Second Workshop on ITeS (IT enabled Services)

Key Uses of ITeS in Business Practices

Application in Public Policy and Political Aspects of ITeS

MidArc 2009: The Third Workshop on Middleware Architecture in the Internet

Sign-On & Federation

Security & Performance

PASN 2009: The Third International Workshop on Practical Applications of Sensor Networking

Data Analysis and Practical Applications on Large Scale Sensor Networks

ConCom 2009: The First International Workshop on Concurrent Communication

Communication Architectures and Security

Student Session

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