22nd RTCSA 2016: Daegu, South Korea

Session 1 (E7 L29, Embedded Systems Track): Distributed Embedded Systems

Session 2 (E7 L29, Real-Time Systems Track): Scheduling and Analysis

Session 3 (E7 L29, IoT, CPS, and Emerging Applications Track): Cyber-Physical Systems for Vehicles

Session 4 (E7 L29, Work-in-Progress Session)

Session 5 (E7 L29, Real-Time Systems Track): NoC and Multicore

Session 6 (E7 L29, Embedded Systems Track): Issues on Energy-Efficiency and Data-Age Constraints

Session 7 (E7 L29, Short Papers)

Session 8 (E7 L29, IoT, CPS, and Emerging Applications Track): Scheduling and Communication for Internet of Things

Session 9 (E7 L29, Real-Time Systems Track): Real-Time Middleware and Applications

Poster and Demo Abstracts

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