25th RE 2017: Lisbon, Portugal

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Research Track

Research/Industry 1: Simplicity through Social Media? Mining Tweets and App Info

Research/Industry 2: Canary in a Coalmine: Argumentation and Rationale Alive and Well?

Research/Industry 3: Complementarity Achieved? Mining User Feedback

Research/Industry 4: Simplicity through Knowledge and Association?: Traceability

Research/Industry 5: Secure AND Supportive?

Research/Industry 6: Complexity Reduction via Goals and Reasoning?

Research/Industry 7: Complimentary and Simple Requirements via Social Factors?

Research/Industry 8: Users: The Rosetta Stone of RE?

Research/Industry 9: QUALITY, Simplicity, Complementarity: Pick Two?

Research/Industry 10: Specification: When Words Get in the Way?

Research/Industry 11: Easier Said than Done?: Mastering Domain Complexity through NLP

Research/Industry 12: Better Process and Requirements through Fun or Less Interruptions?

Research/Industry 13: Large Software: Beautiful and Simple?


Re@Next! 1: Relevance & Releases & Privacy

RE@Next! 2: Elicitation & Security

RE@Next! 3: Managing Requirements

Posters and Demos

Silver Jubilee

Data Track

Data Track 1: Functional vs Non-Functional: Can Both Win?

Data Track 2: Simplicity through Specialization?

Doctoral Symposium


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