Annual Workshop of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group (PPIG)

29th PPIG 2018: London, UK

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28th PPIG 2017: Delft, The Netherlands

27th PPIG 2016: Cambridge, UK

26th PPIG 2015: Bournemouth, UK

25th PPIG 2014: Brighton, UK

24th PPIG 2012: London, UK

23rd PPIG 2011: York, UK

22nd PPIG 2010: Madrid, Spain

21st PPIG 2009: Limerick, Ireland

20th PPIG 2008: Lancaster, UK

19th PPIG 2007: Joensuu, Finland

18th PPIG 2006: Brighton, UK

17th PPIG 2005: Brighton, UK

16th PPIG 2004: Carlow, Ireland

15th PPIG 2003: Keele, UK

14th PPIG 2002: London, UK

13th PPIG 2001: Bournemouth, UK

12th PPIG 2000: Cosenza, Italy

11th PPIG 1999: Leeds, UK

10th PPIG 1998: Milton Keynes, UK

9th PPIG 1997: Sheffield, UK

8th PPIG 1996: Ghent, Belgium

7th PPIG 1995: Edinburgh, UK

6th PPIG 1994: Milton Keynes, UK

5th PPIG 1992: Paris, France

4th PPIG 1992: Loughborough, UK

3rd PPIG 1991: Hudderfield, UK

2nd PPIG 1990: Wolverhampton, UK

1st PPIG 1989: Warwick, UK

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