ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART Symposium on Principles of Database Systems (PODS)

39th PODS 2020: Portland, OR, USA

SIGMOD/PODS 2020 Home Page

38th PODS 2019: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

SIGMOD/PODS 2019 Home Page

37th PODS 2018: Houston, TX, USA

SIGMOD/PODS 2018 Home Page

36th PODS 2017: Chicago, IL, USA

SIGMOD/PODS 2017 Home Page

35th PODS 2016: San Francisco, CA, USA

SIGMOD/PODS 2016 Home Page

34th PODS 2015: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

SIGMOD/PODS 2015 Home Page

33rd PODS 2014: Snowbird, UT, USA

32nd PODS 2013: New York, NY, USA

SIGMOD/PODS 2013 Home Page

31st PODS 2012: Scottsdale, AZ, USA

SIGMOD/PODS 2012 Home Page

30th PODS 2011: Athens, Greece

29th PODS 2010: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

SIGMOD/PODS 2010 Home Page

28th PODS 2009: Providence, Rhode Island, USA

SIGMOD/PODS 2009 Home Page

27th PODS 2008: Vancouver, BC, Canada

SIGMOD/PODS 2008 Home Page

26th PODS 2007: Beijing, China

SIGMOD/PODS 2007 Home Page

25th PODS 2006: Chicago, Illinois, USA

24th PODS 2005: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

SIGMOD/PODS 2005 Home Page

23rd PODS 2004: Paris, France

22nd PODS 2003: San Diego, California, USA

SIGMOD/PODS 2003 Home Page

21st PODS 2002: Madison, Wisconsin, USA

SIGMOD/PODS 2002 Home Page

20th PODS 2001: Santa Barbara, California, USA

19th PODS 2000: Dallas, Texas, USA

18th PODS 1999: Philadephia, PA, USA

17th PODS 1998: Seattle, Washington, USA

16th PODS 1997: Tucson, Arizona, USA

15th PODS 1996: Montreal, Canada

14th PODS 1995: San Jose, California, USA

13th PODS 1994: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

12th PODS 1993: Washington, D.C., USA

Selected papers are published in JCSS 52(3)

11th PODS 1992: San Diego, California, USA

Selected papers are published in JCSS 54(1)

10th PODS 1991: Denver, Colorado, USA

9th PODS 1990: Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Selected papers are published in JCSS 51(1)

8th PODS 1989: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Selected papers are published in JCSS 47(1)

7th PODS 1988: Austin, Texas, USA

Selected papers are published in JCSS 43(1)

6th PODS 1987: San Diego, California, USA

Selected papers are published in JCSS 41(1&2)

5th PODS 1986: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

4th PODS 1985: Portland, Oregon, USA

3rd PODS 1984: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

2nd PODS 1983: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

1st PODS 1982: Los Angeles, California, USA

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