10th PETRA 2017: Island of Rhodes, Greece

Accessibility Tools, Methods and Applications

Assistive Robotic Systems and Human-Robot Interaction

Telepresence, Virtual and Augmented Reality

Pervasive Systems for the Aged & Smart Health Devices

Activity Recognition

Wearable Systems and Monitoring Devices

Reasoning Systems and Machine Learning for Assistive Environments

Multimodal Interfaces and Human-Computer Interaction


(SOCIAL) Smart Cities & Smart Mobility Towards Improving Quality of Life & Well-Being Workshop

(NOTION) Human Behaviour Monitoring, Interpretation and Understanding Workshop

(PERINT) Pervasive Intelligence in Engineering Workshop

Assistive Robots: Technological Challenges and the User Perspective Workshop

(ADH) Assistive Technologies for Decision Making in Healthcare Workshop

(DAEM) Designing Assistive Environments for Manufacturing Workshop

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