10. Pacific Rim Conference on Multimedia 2009: Bangkok, Thailand

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Keynote Paper

Exploring Large-Scale Videos: Automatic Content Genre Classification, Repair, Enhancement, and Authentication

Human Behavior Classification and Recognition


Image and Video Coding towards Perceptual Quality Improvement

Image Annotation, Retrieval, and Classification


Object Detection and Tracking

Networking Technologies

Audio Processing and Applications

3DTV and Multi-view Video

Image Watermarking

Multimedia Document Search and Retrieval

Intelligent Multimedia Security and Forensics (I)

Multimedia Content Management

Image Analysis and Matching

Intelligent Multimedia Security and Forensics (II)

Poster Session 1: Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval

Poster Session 2: Advanced Image and Video Processing Techniques


Poster Session 3: Multimedia Systems and Applications

Poster Session 4: Multimedia Communication and Networking

Advanced Image Processing Techniques